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Conquering Fear

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Pen did you forget me as I have been away for long or paper have you lost the memories you had with me? Sorry for the break up we had been through but here I’m coming to regain that moments we had in the past. But honestly I don’t like to approach to you directly. No! there is no fault of yours( pen and paper ) .It’s because I have to go through many torturous moments before I come to grip you to make you walk all over the body of paper. You two are my dose, a psychological dose though bitter I have to swallow you , a heartache which I can neither give up nor can I happily embrace it .
My thoughts are inevitable. Maybe I’m not an extrovert to the physical world as I ‘m just used to cherishing with words and letters. I might be infidel who makes himself go crazy, sleepless like an owl with two blunt eyes wide open because of some crazy theories and thoughts that my heart and mind disagree with. My mind whirls like a tsunami wave until it can no more run to its speed. But at some point, I feel like my life has accepted this fact and am happy about this decision. I have started to love to torture myself as I would have been extinct to the world of illusion if I hadn’t been through these torturous moments. I got the chance to discover myself, stretch the intensity of my thoughts and did make my brain nerves discover its flexibility strength.
Let Not Fear Be The Compromise
I don’t wanna be an innocent from the cruel and fraudulent world. A few skirmishes of thoughts, resolving it through my self-made theories, being unsatisfied with the result and rethinking again has led me to the process of invention of new thoughts, new ideas and a tortoise pace to discover the real world. That has become a part of my life and has helped me to gain the moment of modern Boudhistatwa. This has made the fear inside me vanish and has brought the cruel but helpful thoughts to try anything instead of dreaming. I’m trying to persevere my life, trying to walk towards the self-righteous freedom which I have been dreaming since ages.
Practically I have stopped dreaming instead have started to pace my life towards the reality. I’m trying to use words to bolster my thoughts on the bed of reality so that I can be close to the world where I can share my wild thoughts and opinion with different people who are looking the same horizon. I have always tried to be an audacious explorer of my own life. I’m always trying to play with vicious moments, challenging myself if I could create some new positive portrait out of a wrong colour. It’s gruelling. But the excitement and adventure makes it worth to play. It’s dangerous but the guts to take it as a challenge makes you feel that you are worthy enough to the world.
Running Away Isn't A Way To Solution
I was 6/7 when I invented my fear inside me. Though was vicious moment but that taught me how a fear can swallow your precious moments (everything of your life). Fear of getting swayed away by flooding river haunted me till I turned 18, until I challenged my fear with my life and jumped into the deep water without a clue what I was doing. That day I had victory and was able to remove ‘phobia’ from the word ‘water’. Fear has no limit and it’s like a savage beast that you carry though you hate it. Fear can give a birth to some barbarous thoughts and might compel to end up those thoughts into reality. Fear, a barrier of fire towards the world of freedom and is a hindrance to humankind. It’s born with your birth but it’s just a matter of time when you are able to discover it and can manipulate you in such a way, you would lose the direction of your life, to the real world unless you gather the guts to challenge it. If you can’t challenge it you are its next prey. Even you can’t win it over; you must have that courage to challenge it. Preparation is the only weapon to make ‘fear’ to wiggle with its own fear. Life isn’t complete without conquering fear. It’s not me madly blabbering these words neither I’m typing these words in an unconscious state. Yes! I’m in my total wits and senses as that was a word from renowned world’s conqueror and a warrior of the time which my mind could not permanently save his name.
I'm Talking About That Light After Conquering Fear
A fear of failing your exam, fear you couldn’t satisfy your girlfriend/ boyfriend, fear of divorce, fear you would get fat or slim, fear of getting old, dying etc. If you look all around you, you won’t find a single person without fear. I ain’t a perfect person to stand out and set an example but at least I could be the example who is trying to conquer his fear with perfection and trying to fill the Life’s incomplete canvas with different colour. I did start this few years earlier and everyone around me has figured out the difference in me, me of past and present. Let me tell you, this has made me feel like I’m gaining my lost and unknown freedom with which I’m completing my life, setting my life towards my self-defined ‘perfection’. But might I be telling you a lie, writing well thought fake thoughts. There you go already letting your heart and mind letting it engulfed by the fear you hate so much. You let the fear born without thinking a   mille -second, what you fear of, before completely being shaken by it. I’m trying to purge my Marilyn Monroe smile, trying to replace with that of Mona Lisa’s smile, adjoining it with the truth the later one beholds. Mona Lisa’s smile isn’t the perfect smile but she hints the truth about mystery that she beholds in her smile.
My Thought Does Agree With Dale's
‘Fear whom you don’t seem to give a damn about it but you automatically surrender before it attacks you’. A vague premonition gives birth to a cycle of fear. Just challenge it to conquer it. Dive into it, wrestle with it until you get a satisfied conclusion. Fight before you surrender. Surrender always holds a vicious mystery, but if you fight it either you can dig out that mystery with a smile of glory or can have a lifelong satisfaction though you been defeated. I would like to spend a dark and lonely night inside a haunted chalet, surrounded by these giant wild beasts. But that’s just my imagination, my unwanted want. I’m just hinting you that you need to try what you fear most. If you fear of being fat, torture your body with shitloads of exercises, workouts, rough heats and sweats rather than torturing your soul by counting calories disgracefully and making your hungry stomach weep in front of your strangers and making you blush of embarrassment. The first torture I talked presents you with a certificate (of satisfaction of hard work) while the later one gives you an evil laugh letting you be mentally and physically miserable.
The Feeling After Conquering Fear
Dive into solution before fear grabs you. Things bound to happen will happen in life. There is no stopping to it. No one has discovered a machine to display all the premonitions with truths. If you think you are weak at something, wrestle with it till you master all the skills, till you feel you have got that ray of perfection. It always works on me as I’m a tortoise learner and achiever. Don’t let the rudiments of fear start a pyrrhic dance before you show your first move. Be prepared, be brave and let your every move be a step of pyrrhic dance to ‘fear’ and make it fear by its own ‘fear’. Never imagine of a fortress as a world is itself a nasty battlefield. Be prepared as a warrior who ain’t afraid of death like a morally immortal warrior. You will see ‘fear’ fears to take a step towards you. Your eyes glinting with a fire of confidence, bravery and reflection of no regrets will always help to overcome that ‘fear’. Don’t let fear prevail in any war.
Are you still scared of getting old, getting fat, jumping of a plane or fear that you might fear again? Question yourself and make a decision for yourself, if you want to bid good bye to this life with full of fear or want to live a fearless, colourful life and wrestle with death with a smile on your face. #
The choice is yours
Bless me

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