Sunday, 4 March 2012

Where Hope Is Murdered Before They Are Born

Satisfaction and happiness aren’t guaranteed in human life which leaves human life as an unfolded mystery.  There is always greed that sticks like superglue in our life. Worries and tensions are other form of greed. It looks different but at the end it takes it real form, which is greed. My thoughts aren’t just my perception it’s a wakeup call to the world, time to realize about where we stand from rest of the world. Most of the people who will go through my blog must have thought once about what I’m writing about. My thoughts might sound offensive to certain people but as I have right to express ….I’m ready to take the challenges that my words might bring. After all my words aren’t a false barking, it’s roaring of truth that the world needs to hear.
Oh ! We Lucky Brats!
Recently questioning with my unsatisfied life, I felt like I have got the biggest problem and thought I was only the one who was unsatisfied. But what a moron I was??Being brought up in a decent family with good education I had started to think the world is better than my life. I felt I was the only one going through pain and misery?? I’m sure I’m not the only one to think like that. I can see loads of worries in the newspapers, Facebook, twitters and magazines. Reading all those brain washing problems of people I had become one of them. You don’t have to think much about 
what I’m talking about….I is talking about your problem and mine too. And yeah you are a moron and I’m too. Because those who are on real problems won’t be able to read my blog neither they might have idea about what Blog means?? You might be cursing me for tagging u moron but after reading my blog, hope you would feel my tag was true. Yes! I’m talking about your heart broken life which might have left you suicidal. If you are going to suicide, do not worry I won’t stop you but give me 5 minutes of your miserable life then you can do anything after reading my blog. Some of you might be in tensions about why your girlfriend or boyfriend left you?? Some might be wondering why they can’t have lifelike of celebrity. Celebrities might be wondering about their breast size, their genital size their weights and appearances… about their six pack about their looks. you might be wondering about your finance , needs , and everything. Yeah everyone in every level of society, they are in tensions and worries. But the society and people I’m going to talk about don’t know what we are worrying about??
A Graduate from International university ! What a waste and a great curse?
Yeah currently going through the notes and books about the lives of people living through war and dictatorship, I tagged myself as a greatest moron. I was compelled to compare my life with theirs and at the end I was laughing and crying at the same time. Yeah I was going crazy both positively and negatively. Yes I’m talking about North Korean people who have to go to labor camp for not cleaning the portrait of their leader. I’m talking about the children of Somalia who shrinks to the size of mouse before dying of hunger and yeah I’m talking about the women’s of Africa who have lost everything  but still tries to breastfeed their child until they shrinks to the size of super 0 figure before dying with their infants suckling on their dead bodies. I was thinking I’m living in the country with problems but I was too na├»ve about the meaning of “problem”. Youngsters like me who are living in developed countries put a complaint about their parents not letting them to go to party, some youngsters jump in front of the train for being dumped. You have right to your life and yeah you can end when you want but just let me share how hard people try to live their life under the worst circumstances. We should visualize about the innocent African people fighting for their last breath because of hunger, about an infant who was shot by the rebel’s gun and fighting for his life.
God you weren't my creator you were the cause of my misery !
North Korea being one of the mysterious countries in the world, they are living life beyond our imagination. Once talking about Korean you might have the impression about the hot, sexy and plastically cute South Korean model and young hunk with cheesy smile in some dramas and movies. But they have their own brothers and sisters living in the dark side of the world who struggle for their daily needs, who have survived the famine when North Korea didn’t get any support from other countries. Ask a North Korean girl surviving in labor camp about what a bachelor party means?? Ask a boy from North Korea what’s clubbing means?? They will start to sing their national prayer about their dictator leader like a rifle in the burst mode. This isn’t their will but under the nozzle of the gun, their lips automatically fire the prayer in a burst mode. The women and children in Afghanistan torn apart because of war, people of Somalia torn between civil war, HIV, and famine, they all are human like us. Can you give me a good reason why they have that life and why we haven’t? While talking about war you might think soldiers with guns killing people & children but they aren’t the real culprit. They are themselves the other victims of war. No people are born as a trained killer. It’s the situation (do or die) that compel them to kill people. But you should keep in mind those soldiers who have triggered a gun in people’s life live a haunted life throughout his life. You can figure out who is the real culprit? Is it the guys in uniform or the guys in suits who decide where to deploy these soldiers and order them to kill??
Do you have tears in your eyes for my death or saving for the suicide of some celebrity ?
Going through a book about North Korea “Nothing To Envy” I felt like is it true?? But after researching through websites and papers, notes and many other sources, interviews of defecator from North Korea I found that the book was true. Can you imagine your life in prison camp with your family for watching the foreign channels? Yes it’s the consequences that north Korean people have to face. We might be boasting about our rights and freedom but there are some places where you lose your rights before you were born. Last year, with the death of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and this year of Whitney Houston because of drug overdose people flooded with tears, it surprised me as we had been deaf to the death of thousands of people in Africa, Afghanistan where they died because of we didn’t help them, we didn’t voice for them, we didn’t fight for them to wipe a group of dictator who resulted war in these countries. I myself was stunned to the way our selfish mind has changed our holy soul into a paranoid soul. If not so why would we shed tears and would worry about the suicide of singers who sang about the characters that touched our heart while the real characters are being killed in front of our eyes?? Aren’t we a real moron??? They chose their own death, but one who wants to live are being killed and murdered on this same world we are sharing.
A month ago, with the death of North Korean leader ‘ Kim Jung il’, there was a choreographed death mourning people in front of the camera but as I had known the truth I questioned myself, Are they truly mourning over his death or shedding tears of happiness and freedom on the death of this brutal, selfish soul? (As I have read that the North Korean government punishes the one who don’t shed tears on their leader’s death.)Beside these countries, there are list of countries where life is beyond our imagination, Nepal, India, Burma etc. While judging about these countries, do not judge looking at the minor people on the limelight, you should be judging looking at the overall people of these countries.   But to be honest the developed countries are also infected with the virus of sex slavery and different crimes.
YEs ! Our Freedom is caged here and you don't have the guts to help us , Do  You ?
Girls might be wondering about showing off their sexy thighs and well developed breast but what if you were born in a country where girls in burka are raped and where women’s breast sticks to their ribs cage because of hunger ? Just consider lucky and take a deep sigh. So goes to the boys, we might be complaining about school or college being hard for us but what if we were born in some African countries where you will be handed AK4 7 before you know your age to go to school!!  We might be boasting about the number of girls we bedded down during our bachelor life but what if we were born in a country where you would be exchanging your life to hold your last breathe.  You and I should be thanking to god! The rights, freedom we boast of are possible in few countries that we lucky brats are living.  There is people living life beyond our imagination. There are places where there is light for few people and darkness for the millions. There is darkness beyond our imagination. The light we are seeing is just the illusionary light to create a false pride on us, to make you boast of who you are and to give you a false sense of freedom but after a few hundred miles from the place we are living there is pitch black darkness where we would be crawling to get a ray of hope.  That’s the reality we need to live on.
Though, myself been raised on the brink of 10 years civil war, I consider myself lucky to these African people and North Korean people, because we had day to rejoice our life during civil war. but these people have to live day and night in fear.  Night made the decision of our fate whether we would be orphaned or be taken to fight for the terrorist or killed with the army’s bullet. But the people I’m talking lose their hope as soon as they realize they have life. It’s worst to live without ray of hope than being killed or murdered. Hope is the only means of living or surviving. Hope is the living shadow of life.
Now comparing our problem with these people, do you still think you are unlucky?? Are you still suicidal?? If yes than can you do these people a favor? Can you write a note of will to your parents or to the police or to the government about donating the expenses that they might have to spend in upbringing you  to donate to these people who are dying because it’s their compulsion not an excuse to escape away from problems like you and me  !! I think it would be the first good thing you and I would have ever done. It might leave a slight ray of hope on us being treated good in hell.
You might feel depressed, frustrated with your life which is normal but to lose hope to live life and to struggle is worse than death. If you fall don’t give a damn about it! Try to bounce back. That will give you a feeling that you can live your life. My motto to write this blog isn’t to make you revolutionary or neither to motivate you to be suicidal but to help you make a reasonable decision when you are feeling low in some stages of you your life. To make you bold to face the problem in spite of being suicidal, to make you feel you are a blessed soul and luckiest of all to have such a great free life. Life always comes with a challenge but you have to kick it with your greatest strength so that you can feel the challenge was nothing compared to the people who have lost their every right and freedom before they were born.

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