Tuesday, 27 March 2012


A reflection of our addictions on the modern gadgets ...!!! Is a single snap(click from camera) greater than saving a life ???

What can i tell about me and you ....Picture speaks a thousand words ...look and just give a single thought where we are standing. You and i call our self proudly human ..but i call myself a man without humanity....i remove hu from human after i see this pic...
This is also a shake to the world how far we have been pushed into slavery by the modern gadgets..this pic really terrifies me though it's kindda suicide ,......
Bless us 


  1. No doubt you're right in some aspects!

    The world sucks, when we look into its deep dark side!

    Don't forget this dark side, but sometimes try to remember that we are on a scale, there is other plate to fill yet!

    Suffering and being hurt seem the rule, but if you let your soul look too long into the abyss... remember?

    Get up in the morning and go directly to a mirror, look at you and say seriously: "I am the best and more handsome on Earth".

    If you can keep your face straight for 5 seconds your self-esteem is soaring, if you start from giggle unto laughing your sense of humor is in good health!

    Never look for Truth, it lives into a deep pit and we are far to understand its meaning yet!

    Just let's be patient and it will come around... or not, but in this last case: who cares" :)

    Good luck! (Even if luck has nothing to do with anything)

  2. Cheers for the comment ...like it ....! specially about looking into mirror in the morning and consoling your own soul ..thanx ...

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah ! i know ..... it's a self sacrifice ..for the demonstration but the thing was about humanity and the people around it who were in sense that he was on fire and still manage to take photos in spite of saving him !!!

  4. this definitely not good

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    1. sorry didn't get what u mean ??

  5. If your job as a photographer is to document what's happening in a certain part of the world, your job isn't to help... Is to document.

    1. There is no such job greater than ur life of human beings. Even as a photographer on this situation , a life is greater than your snap shot as you are just trying to prove the world what globe is like which you are creating yourself a negative one but if u cure it then there is no need of your medicine



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