Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Charring State And Its Eunuch People

(The Blog I’m writing isn’t some stupid and tempered thoughts …it’s a thought, which was swinging in my mind and heart for a long time…. Don’t think I’ against peace, it’s just that I don’t wanna see anymore dead bodies and fake revolt and I’m dying to see my country rising) I’m dying to see my country rising)
I know i'm crazy to dream this !!But can't help

Oh! Been a long time since I haven’t updated my blog, it is because I’m selfish and I admit it. Unless a thunder of grief or tensions doesn’t come to hit my life I don’t get energy to write or express myself. You don’t know how much I hate to write this blog cause I never wanted to write this. But everything has its limit and when it goes beyond limit it takes the other way. I’m writing this, as my blog friends are all from different parts of the world and I want to share the story of my birthplace, my birth country and I’m sure you won’t regret it as it’s a strange story and at some place you can help me commenting on the thoughts and idea you have about my country.
My friends and people (from my country) don’t get me wrong as this blog is just the reflection of my thoughts and I’m not being outsiders or a fake citizen. I know that getting a different passport and trying to mimic foreign accent doesn’t make me foreigner and I also know that even today if I vomit and look for the food particles strung in the gap of my teeth, there would be food particles (gundruk and sinki ) from my birthplace. Wherever I go or what ever I do my identity and the fact that I’m from Nepal won’t change. Hey! You are wrong. I don’t hate my country. I just feel sorry for myself and my fellow countrymen and women.
I’m from Nepal and Nepal is my birthplace and it’s the fact that I won’t regret until I’m mentally sick. Fact that I lived my childhood and the way my country gave me few peaceful moments to rejoice my innocence and wilderness would always motivate me to love my country. . Yeah! However or at what condition I will stand but my body and soul will always tempt to have his last moments in Nepal.
Lately my country is on fire and it’s us (Nepalese people) who lit the fire. Fires of discrimination, racism because of the fact you belong to different tribe and different parts of the Nepal? Does it make sense? Yeah I think it does, as some of the people who are leading such fake revolution are people with Degrees and Doctorate. I’m writing this because I want the world to know what makes Nepalese different from them or what we lack in our sperm and ova so that we can’t give birth to a true Nepalese a strong and true revolutionary.
Yeah You can be the next MP !!! taking oath !!!
 Now lets talk about my countrymen. I’m not joking guys but if you want to be a minister just fly to Nepal and help some political group to burn tyres and support them, you can be the next foreign minister tomorrow. I have seriously stopped updating with the name of prime ministers and president of my country Nepal because it changes so fast perhaps you wouldn’t change your toothbrush as fast as the president and the prime ministers of my country changes. Don’t ask me about my country’s ministers, they change so fast that perhaps I don’t change my boxers that often. (Don’t Think I’m dirty)
This is what we fight for! For a ray of light...for a hope..fake
My countrymen have started to turn into bats and owls because we don’t have electricity and kerosene to lit light during nights.  Again we have started to gain that lost vision power to see things in the darkness because of the load shedding we are having. At some places people just don’t remember when they charged their phones for the last time and unfortunately my home do fall in that place. Except the fact my country is one of the richest in natural resources in the world we had nothing to make our country stand out but now we do have facts to make us stand out as the country with longest load shedding, the longest strike (most days of the year being strike) for economy market falling down for having the greatest and dumbest number of ministers with exceptional qualities of bribery.

Your country might have trends or fashion of clothing and music but in my country, currently there is a trend to create a new political party and the competition to organise strike. It’s not the outsiders to lead and follow that strike; it’s us to support them. Oh!! Though we don’t have a train in our country but we do have a longest train of strikes and demonstration as one strike leads the other for e.g. few months back students put on a strike because they couldn’t cheat on their exam and some groups demonstrated against them. Wow it can be a fun to listen but it’s nothing worse than to be a victim.
Current trend in nepal!! Fake or Real????
Those bodies proved to be just a sacrifice for our leaders !!!!
Oh! I nearly forgot to share one thing as it’s been old but fact is fact we did turned blind and deaf when our own king and his family were murdered? What a shameless people we have turned, as we were the one who used to die protecting their relatives but turned deaf and blind when we lost our own guardian and yeah worshipped the murdered in the form of god and regarded as a next king. I’m not in favour of monarchy but with the least humanity we could have done better than what we did then.
I wonder if that grin is for the change he had in his life!
There was a decade long Maoist Revolution which ended with the end of Monarchy but shamelessly I have to tell that after multiple of years we haven’t been able to bring the right constitution in our country because we are really busy dividing our share of seats in the parliament and exchange with cleverer ministers to suck the people and country. Oh! How can I forget about the leaders who leaded the revolution? they used to live in jungle but now they have bungalows and cars, expensive gadgets and they have gained much weight perhaps falls on the obesity category.  There were always good changes after a long and hard revolt in the world and its history but my country has made a record from being worse to worst after a decade long bloody revolution. But we have progressed on giving birth the hundreds of new cheap leaders and ministers. A glued and totally weightless leader and minister who have the tenacity to extend as a rubber to get power and money, that’s what we have progressed so far after the sacrifice of thousands of innocents people. I think even the current government official don’t hold the statistics about the number of political parties in the country because every day there is a birth of new political party.

I’m not writing this blog to curse ministers or leaders of our country as that would prove me helpless to the world but want to prove that how foolish we (Nepalese) are. “ Unite we stand Divide we fall “ we know that but did remix to this saying and have our one “Unite we fight divide we kill” as we are busy to dividing our country.  I tagged us as a ‘fool’, and you might be reddened with anger about my accusation. Why I called everyone fools? Because it is the truth and I know its bitter but we earned it. Look around you who is going on a strike and burning tyres and doing the act of vandalism? Is it the Leaders or we? Technically leaders tend to lead but in my country the supporter leads and leaders hides in a safe place. We preach of peace but at the same time get to the road shouting the slogans and burning tyres. Aren’t we foolish? Aren’t we multi tongued and confused about what we want?
 How many leaders were killed in a decade long civil war and how many ministers were killed and murdered till now in our country? Perhaps our fingers becomes too much to count, Isn’t it? But can you count the number of our people killed and murdered till now? No we can’t …It’s not coz we don’t know the number but it’s because we killed them and have guilt as we stand there supporting their murderer.  What a bunch of eunuch people we have been? A county of Gurkhas!!! Gurkhas who kept the world under fear to lead the foreign country to victory but when it comes to fighting for ourselves we proved to be a dead soul or dead body ……… when it comes to bravery we have always been short sighted.  We have been blinded and fooled and played emotionally by these leaders. We are too emotional about some fragile cause. We demonstrate and revolt without thinking and later regret and blame on others. We have the courage to kill sick patients to hospital by burning ambulance or blocking their way but we are scared to slap a minister or leaders? We have this tradition of being a meat-eating monk. No! We are eunuch, a clever one who don’t have the guts to face to truth but have the guts to do anything if there is some backup, after all we all are same like leaders looking a safe path for our own. Isn’t It??

We demand of equality but we are ourselves discriminating among ourselves else why a Nepalese who have courage to murder innocent people can’t murder a cruel and selfish minister or leader. It’s because we believe their life’s hold multi value than the average citizen. Am I right? Just stay with your heart.
And we are foolish coz though how much the ministers and political parties twists us and torments us instead of murdering them we are murdering the innocence. Don’t we know the law? Sentence of killing a minister and an innocent citizen is same!!!! Hope I’m right here!

People hate her for being a suicide bomber ! but i truly wonder about her courage !!!
Yeah I’m serious about testing and comparing my semen with the guys from other parts of world who can give birth to a suicide bomber and I can’t (ALL NEPALESE)? I’m eager to know what lacks in our semen and ova? How we aren’t able to give birth to one suicide bomber who can die for his country but can give birth to thousands of gurkhas who can die for foreign country? I’m serious about bombers and killers. Sometimes when I hear of a man/ woman who were killed coz their ambulance have been burned or hospitals been shut coz of some stupid demonstrations I really wish that the death person were able to foresee his death and turned into suicide bomber and killed our one of the ministers.  
This is what we can do !!! (hahhaha)
Our minister truly knows we are bunch of eunuch and greedy peoples who can be blinded with a thousand bucks or a seat in the organisation. They are one of falsely talented leaders who can break the nation into such pieces that we wont be able to find its reminiscences. I sometimes wonder why I have been so coward as though I’m aware of the ill things going on and still doesn’t have the courage to terrorise these minister. Our minister thinks they can do anything they want as they have the steering wheel to drive the people. I know I can’t make any difference neither do this blog …but I would think that my effort worked if someone there stands out and kill one of these fake leaders.
We are preaching peace but it’s so fake and gay that we our selves can’t face each other looking in the mirror.  What difference does it make if you kill a fake leader in spite of innocent citizen? If we are truly seeking peace then this should have happened a long time ago. It’s not happening because we have been used to being their characters a proper robotic dolls and true servant but at the same time can’t stop barking like a stray dogs about our demand of a peaceful country. Oh! Come on stop preaching and acting like a bunch of fool by organising peace rallies or any stupid movement if you seriously want to revolt then hit the target in his chest thrust your khukuri on his body, shove their heads and only they will start to think about the consequences. Else it’s all in vein coz their hearts have already turned to stone after they played the holi with our people’s blood. A proper raw blood. The revolt should be upside down. In the earlier revolution people were killed but the one I’m talking the leaders should be killed. At least after that we can get a true leader who is ready to sacrifice his head to serve the country and that’s when we can hope a pure patriotism from them. Every leader who is so busy to divide our country I have two middle fingers pointing towards you and yeah it’s for you!!!
I'm Wating for that rifle to be pointed towards our ministers!!
Every things has its limit and leaders and ministers it’s not me it’s the science telling that…there’s no guarantee that we would be giving birth to eunuchs only as we are mixing our sperm and ova with foreigners be careful there can be a birth of suicide bombers and you can be the first victim!! Better think about than to regret, better cleanse the lust and greed about your position and seats and better start thinking about your country! Sometimes I wonder if I could inject some drugs that would compel leaders to vomit all their fakes and show their true colour but alas it’s just my imagination!! Not a reality  … I’m pathetic coz I don’t have the guts to slap them and thrust the khukuri on their fat filled chest of which they are so proud!!
 I’m just waiting for the fear inside us to be burned or waiting for the birth of true revolutionary who can sacrifice his life rather than drooling with the selfishness like you and me by killing these fake leaders.
Waiting the days to come!!!

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