Monday, 19 March 2012

Love 2 Love????????

Which left me with a ?
‘Love’! I thought you were simple but despite of reading piles of books about you or watching thousand GB (gigabytes) of movies screened related to you, still leaves me blank when I tend to define you. I think the reason is I never try to grasp you or been coward to embrace you.
You know how much I’m hating to type these words as you might prove my words wrong because of your flexibity is such that you tend to bend the way situation bends you. You are like sand in the Gobi desert blowing in the same direction with the rhythm of the wind.
this can be a great Quote or can be a funniest joke!!
But I’m here trying to bare you naked about how I felt and feel about you “TILL TODAY” because I don’t have the confidence to challenge you as I’m scared of your tenacity to drag the whole world in favor of you to prove my words wrong . When I overconfidently tend to judge you and compare with the characters of the book and movie I have gone through, later I realize myself, what a fool I have been as a book or movie is just a single person’s perception about you. That’s when I tend to lose my mind because you leave me blank when I feel most confident about you.  World can neither escape from your spell nor can embrace you because you are as deceiving as jack. Thus I have no other option then to write my thoughts and experiences about ‘you’.
 You have such a gravity to pull the whole world, that despite knowing you are full of shits and have few happiness people risk their chance to get 5% of ‘you’ despite of 95% chance to get shits.When you cling on people, I, everyone lose their  capability to judge you. This leaves me mysterious about you.
Are you thinking what i'm thinking ???
“Love” when you invite fight, jealousy, breakup and crimes I start to feel numb about you. But when you tend to mix with lust and become the world’s complicated cocktail which makes me think of the calculation Love = Sex, I start to lose faith on you and start to see stars, moons on the broad daylight. You know why I’m confused so much about you it’s because of the experiences I have gone through and seen. Oh ‘Love’ when you beg marriage to make you complete why you beg divorce to be your next boyfriend? ‘Love’ sometimes I feel you are disgusting but the feeling I had during my first crush blackmails me to forgive you. I think you have done the same with everyone. You are a dualist coz you have that power of giving the utmost pleasure and times 2 pains at the same time.
True to Me!!what you think!!!
Here I’m though been already 20, I’m more confused than I was .Years ago When I had a fling with this yahoo(social site) girl you came to whisper me that I was in love but it ended with the wrong calculation.
How you define that incident when you came across me and lured me to be with you when I started to dream of a girl during my college days? I hope this quotes perfectly defines my heydays’ relationships.
After the fall of teenage, I woke up and sympathized myself  that I was too young or had infatuation in the previous relations but after my cousin’s  breakup  who was 25 , older than me , with his long term girlfriend ,you  pricked me a little about the age factor in love and mockingly whispered me that I was wrong about you.
Wish i won't be the guy over here!!
After few years later, I started to earn my own bread and told myself that I was ready to be in relationship then some bitter thing happened with my best friend as he broke up with his girl whom he had loved for years and promised to get married ‘now’ knowing the reason that she belong to different clan and his parent’s disapproval of their marriage. Love Are you laughing or crying???
Few months back, one of my brit colleagues (from my workplace) had special experience about ‘you’ similar like that of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake only the difference being that they didn’t get married on that night.  He met this hot blonde on the club and said he was smitten by the so called “love on first sight” and spent the night together but the next day he came to work saying when they woke up the following morning they didn’t recognize each other and was asking us what happened that night. I couldn’t hold my laughter.

The most complicated one is that of my maternal uncle and aunt who have a son same as my age and now they want a divorce because they say that they have now found their respective soul mates. Fact they told the same thing when they were getting married years ago my aunt being the eyewitness. I’m puzzled and dazzled by you ‘Love’.
To my Aunt And uncle wishing them gudluck !!!!
I thought you were mysterious to me because I’m na├»ve but you left me blank when I found that the philosophers, writers and scientists whom I respect were also puzzled by you. Now with the 21st Century on my path and characters (celebrities) real dramas about you on their real life you make me wonder more about you.
You are really a mystery like Life and death may be a greater one as death and life is fixed but you aren’t. No worries I have made up my mind with the famous quote “Everything is fair in love and war” .I don’t know much about war because there is rules of engagement and so many other rules military and civil like that of cobweb to bind soldiers that can drive you to the deathbed but I think “love” You are a British Constitution, as u can’t be defined in written form by these ugly alphabets and tend to have the elasticity of ‘it’ whenever and wherever you can be extended according to the need of a ‘ruler’. You are amendable. You can neither be caged by these silly emotions nor by these funny tears which foolishly think it can melt you but you have the melting point higher than that of diamond. You have such elasticity that you tend to flop that of latex and chewing gum. The winner becomes the party who can bend wrong to right or create an illusion that he is right though he is wrong like a lawyer in the court. Yeah you can be deceiving as fox so I am not trusting you neither defining you until I’m resting on my deathbed. It’s just my perception about what I have seen and felt so far. But as for me now It’s a matter of being hurt or hurting someone and don’t have the guts to be the first one..? I think maximum follow me in this case. Or you should be prepared to count stars in the broad day light with few kisses of cocktail and shots.
That's My spirit!!!
 Best of luck

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